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AI, Automations and Systems Specialist. Increasing efficiency, effectiveness and impact.

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Unlock the potential of AI with custom solutions designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of not-for-profits and individuals.

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Dedicated to spreading knowledge and maximising impact, I offer educational resources that demystify AI and drive innovation for societal good.

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About Me: A Journey Fueled by Passion and Purpose

Originally from South Africa, I pursued my Bachelor of Commerce before relocating to London, and ultimately, Australia. It was at Edgar's Mission Animal Sanctuary in Australia where I discovered my true calling.

In my various roles at Edgar's Mission, I significantly contributed to its growth by implementing system and technology solutions that enhanced operational efficiency. These experiences gave me profound insights into merging technology with non-profit goals.

My academic journey continued with a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from RMIT in 2018, further sharpening my leadership and innovation skills in the non-profit realm.

I also express my creativity and advocacy through photography and videography, with my work featured in major Australian newspapers and the National Geographic Blog.

My path reflects a deep commitment to service, a love for animals, and a belief in the transformative power of kindness and compassion. I look forward to continuing this journey and invite others to join in making a positive difference in the world.

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