I've turned my passion for animals into a life of service in the not-for-profit sector. Dive into my journey and join me as we strive to create a kinder world.

Empowering Growth and Transformation

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences in the non-profit sector, animal welfare, technology, and personal development, I offer a range of services designed to inspire, educate, and facilitate growth. Explore how we can work together to create impactful change

About Me: A Journey Fueled by Passion and Purpose

Born and educated in South Africa, I completed my Bachelor of Commerce before moving to London and eventually settling in Australia. It was here, at Edgar's Mission Animal, a renowned farmed animal sanctuary, where I found my calling in the not-for-profit sector and animal welfare.

At Edgar’s Mission, I served in various roles, each contributing significantly to the organisation’s growth and impact. One of my key contributions was developing and implementing system and tech solutions that streamlined operations and maximised efficiency. These experiences have equipped me with a unique understanding of the intersection between technology and non-profit work.

In 2018, I furthered my education by completing a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from RMIT. This added a new dimension to my work, enhancing my ability to lead, innovate, and make a difference in the non-profit sector.

Beyond my operational roles, I am a passionate photographer and videographer. My work has been published in major Australian newspapers and the National Geographic Blog, reaching audiences worldwide and shedding light on the causes I hold dear.

Currently, I am spearheading two new ventures. The first is NFPs.AI, a platform dedicated to exploring and educating how not-for-profits can use AI to cut costs, save time, and increase impact. The second is “A Little Better Life,” a self-growth website that explores actions and ways of thinking to help individuals live a better, more fulfilled life.

My journey is a testament to my dedication to service, my love for animals, and my belief in the power of kindness and compassion. I am excited to continue this journey, and I invite you to join me as we strive to create a better world.

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